Alcaide & Associates specializes in making technology useful, convenient, and fun.
Who doesn't have a "full-plate" today?

We provide services that take advantage of the many advances in technology that can make a difference in freeing time from busy schedules and demands on us.  We offer a number of services, with both a Practical and Aesthetic approach, that provide solutions to problems, preoccupations, and things that waste our time. And, we focus on helping you make the most of your time for entertainment and relaxation.

Unique Turnkey and One-Stop Services: One of the biggest benefits our customers tell us they appreciate is that they deal with one person throughout the project from proposal, design, installation, customization and support. When they have a problem or a question, they aren't calling "Service", who is different from the person who sold them the system, who is different from the person who designed the system, who is different from the person who installed the system. As a customer, when you call us about a "how to" question or something you are having a problem with, you are talking to the person who intimately knows your specific system, your particular installation and your preferences. This, our customers say, is a big bonus saving substantial time and yielding reoccurring satisfaction.

About the President: Doug Alcaide

Aesthetic Technologist: I am enthusiastic about technology and its promise. And, I have a great appreciation for the aesthetic. I'm an electrical engineer who's followed technology for years and I've designed and built many of the components of the systems mentioned on this site, so I have a unique understanding at the foundation of these technologies. Having an eye for the aesthetic, I can appreciate those who want to display the technology and those who want its performance but wish to see none of the equipment. And, I design for both, guided by your tastes .

Not just enamored with the technology:  I keep abreast of both the latest advances in technology and the trends years out. But I follow the function and the aesthetic, looking for what's useful, pleasing and maybe just plain fun. While I know the complexities of technology, I can speak in lay person terms. I understand that most technology is designed by engineers and designers located far from the customer.  Functionality tends toward the logical, (from the point of view of the engineer), verses what is intuitive to the lay person. So, we often see the classical time-blinking on the front of the VCR, or the whole-house sound system that is seldom used. I often hear people talk about being frustrated or intimidated by technology. I intend to tame the beast with both practical and aesthetic solutionssm.

No hidden agenda: We are not married to any brand of equipment, so your preferences, tastes and what  you envision takes precedent, and it's our focus! You will find that among our first questions will be what you are looking for or how you envision using the technology we are discussing.

Turnkey Technology Services / One- Stop Conveniencesm:

We are Alcaide and Associates because I partner with the best of service providers to deliver these services, so I keep my overhead low and you get the advantage of the value we pass on to you. Turnkey - from initial help teasing out your ideas, consultation of concept, to design, purchase assistance or supply, installation, setup, tutorial and support, we can handle it all. One-Stop - And, you only need to make One Call to arrange your project(s) or a wide array of services. Contact Us